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7th -15th December 2014
Training Course
GEM-CC Lectures Library – Organic Lab


The transportation and restoration of the most ancient boat found in Egypt
Follow the latest construction works of the final phase of GEM project
Explore Ancient Egypt
The Egyptian game of Senet is one of the world's oldest known board games. This Senet game of Tutankhamun is
divided into 30 squares. Players aimed to safely navigate all the pieces off the board, while preventing the opponent from doing the same.
On Tuesday 02/03/2015, Dr. Khaled Zakaria Al-Adly, Giza governor,
The activities of the workshop “ Transporting Heavy Artifacts” started on Monday 9/2/2015
After finishing all the necessary works of restoration for 17 Pieces of heavy artifacts at the heavy artifacts lab, the artifacts were transported to their store.
The Grand Egyptian Museum receives 25 wooden pieces of Khufu boat II
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